Okult coverYou grew up in Hometown but moved out when you entered adulthood. A decade later you’re in your thirties and the return to Hometown brings back memories. Forgotten events are remembered and you begin to unravel the town’s sinister secrets.

Okult is a rules light GM-less horror storygame, best suited for three to four players. The players take the roles of people who are a little bit like themselves, returning to a town a little like the place where they themselves grew up. Beneath the surface the town hides a dark secret, and as the players start investigating they find that the the events in the present are ripples of something that happened in the past. The forgotten events of the past are played in flashbacks as the players come to remember them.


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Two skins for Okult, alternate settings for Okult by Olav Nygård.
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Where to get it
You can buy the printed Okult via Lulu.

You can buy printed and PDF Okult via RPGNow and DriveThru RPG.

Okult is available in German translation by Aaron Böhler, both as PDF via DriveThruRPG and print via Lulu.


10 comments on “Okult

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  7. I’m starting this game tonight with a couple of friends and was wondering if there are any examples of the sheet we are supposed to make and use throughout the game. I’m not totally getting the visual of it.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Sorry, I don’t have any sheets to share. But perhaps I can tell you a bit more about it.

      You shouldn’t keep your notes separate, but together so that everyone can see what everyone else has written. The point of the shared sheet is to have a shared vision of Hometown and the story you’re playing. In that sense you don’t keep “secrets” from each other. Since you are investigating the mystery together having shared notes will help you lots to keep the pieces together.

      When you talk about Hometown, draw a rough map, covering the important sites you mention. It doesn’t have to be exact, but it will be helpful to you all to know if you pass through the old cemetery when going between school and the arcade. As more sites are introduced into your story, add them to the map as well.

      The same for the characters. You can start by just writing their names in the corners of the paper, or in a circle somewhere where you still have room. Draw arrows between them and label them with stuff like “best friends” or “loves” or “do karate together”. As minor characters are introduced, add them to the web.

      Having a timeline each for the present and past periods might come in handy, mark the dates where your scenes have taken place, it will help you keep track of things if you play with lots of flashbacks.

      If you’re playing online you can have a shared document on Google Drive or similar to keep the notes, everyone can browse through it at their leisure.

      Put anything on the sheet that you would have kept in your notes if you were GM’ing or playing the game.

      I wish you an awesome and spooky return to Hometown.

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