The Daughters of Verona

The Daughters of Verona is a storygame of Shakespearean comedy for four to six players, and it plays in less than four hours.

Play reports



Where to get it

A print-and-play set of PDFs can be purchased at DriveThruRPG.

The deluxe edition

There was a limited edition deluxe box set available for some time,  it can only be found on the second hand market these days.

The box contained:

  • A 16 page rules booklet with a pull out sheet describing the characters in the introductory play ‘The Daughters of Verona’.
  • Character and scene decks, a total of 72 cards.
  • A soft foam insert to keep the cards in place. (The insert will hold the cards even if you decide to put them in card protectors.)


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