The Daughters of Verona

The Daughters of Verona is a storygame of Shakespearean comedy for four to six players, and it plays in less than four hours.

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Where to get it

A print-and-play set of PDFs, can be purchased at DriveThruRPG. Here you can also buy Print on Demand cards, if you don’t like crafts projects like cutting out cards yourself after printing the PDF.

A printed booklet containing all the cards and the rules can be purchased at Lulu. The cards will need to be cut from the pages, and preferably put in card sleeves before playing.

The deluxe edition

There was a limited edition deluxe box set available for some time,  it can only be found on the second hand market these days.

The box contained:

  • A 16 page rules booklet with a pull out sheet describing the characters in the introductory play ‘The Daughters of Verona’.
  • Character and scene decks, a total of 72 cards.
  • A soft foam insert to keep the cards in place. (The insert will hold the cards even if you decide to put them in card protectors.)

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