Until Dawn

Autumn is here. Summer seems distant. Even the sun itself is but a half remembered dream. When you leave your home in the morning it has not yet risen, and when you leave school in the afternoon it has already set.ud

You are trapped in a never ending repeating cycle of waking when it’s still dark, going to school, spending seemingly eternal days in an infinite succession of pointless lessons. Only to return home again in darkness, having dinner with absent or alien parents. The hours of supposedly free time are wasted on homework, reruns, chores or contemplation upon a future life in this suburban hell. The routine and hopelessness is gnawing away on your hopes and dreams.

Until Dawn tells stories about bored teenagers in the suburbs who break into peoples homes for kicks. Maybe it is a game about teenage emotions and the magic of love, maybe it is just paints a caricature of teenagers, play it and decide for yourselves.

This is the revised edition of the original Until Dawn, the text has gone through significant revision, examples and interior illustrations have been added. In Until Dawn we see the origins of my later game Okult, but neither can take the place of the other. Where Okult is geared towards slow burning campaign play, Until Dawn burns bright and plays in a single session.

Until Dawn is a game for three to five players and plays in three to four hours.

You can get the game as a PDF at DriveThruRPG.

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