WtWE Crowdfunding

Executive summary

Follow this link and buy the game.

What I have

Seven years ago I published a Sci Fi RPG called While the World Ends.


The old cover.

It is a neat little competitive RPG where the players first make a setting and then play to see how people in it are affected by large changes.  While it is setting less, it reliably provides very focused stories about people. And while it is competitive it will not break down due to the mechanics, even if you powergame your very best it will not get in the way of a cool and memorable story.

In short I think it is an awesome game.

What I want

I want the game to reach a larger audience and see more play around the world.

I think I can reach that goal by giving my rather … spartan looking … game a graphic overhaul.  And I want Claudia Cangini to help me do that.

What you have

You have a burning desire to play Sci Fi stories about relate-able people who face interesting situations and dilemmas. And you want to do that with the support given by a neat story game with pretty pictures in it.

What you get now

Get in on the crowdfunding by buying the new Pay What You Want version of the game on


Click cover to get to the web shop

DriveThruRPG or RPGNow, and you’ll get the same old solid game, but with a nice new cover illustration by Claudia that I have already acquired.

What you get later

I’ll earmark the earnings from the new version of While the World Ends during the month of November 2016 for getting more illustrations from Claudia. And as soon as she has drawn them and I have updated the files I’ll update the game and you’ll get it automatically.  I think that will happen some time early next year.


Q: Hey, when I crowdfund games I expect to get a “thank you” in the product, can you do that?

Sure, forward the receipt email to me at wilhelmsgames@gmail.com  and let me know what name you’d like to be listed under. Otherwise there is no way for me to find out who has bought the game, their system won’t let me see who is connected to a particular customer ID.

Q: Hey, what happens if I’m the only one that backs this, surely my small contribution won’t pay for even a single one of Claudia’s awesome images?

If that happens I’ll add whatever is missing to get one picture.

Q: Hey, what happens if this is a smash hit that gives you a bazillion dollars!?!?

Then Claudia will have to make a lot of pictures.

But if it is really really a bazillion dollars, and we say get more than enough for ten full color pictures I’ll use the rest for updating other games in my catalog. And maybe some snacks and other needful things.  It is a 35 page booklet RPG, not a visual novel.

Q: Hey, I only see a PDF, what about print?

A print version will be made available later, once everything with this crowdfunding has been delivered.

No print+PDF deals.  They will be entirely different things. However if you back me now, there will be more pretty stuff in the book once you buy it.

Q: Hey, who is this Claudia Cangini?

She’s an artist, check out her entry on RPG Geek or her DeviantArt, she’s done lots of awesome stuff.

Q: Hey, WtWE used to be a Swedish RPG, will the new edition be released in Swedish as well?

Probably not.  While the game mechanics are pretty much the same through all the editions the text has been clarified a lot in the English translations.  It would not be right to just add the pictures to the original Swedish version of the text. To do it justice the game would have to be translated back into Swedish from the English version.

Considering the sales in Sweden that would probably be more effort than it’s worth. But as with the print question above.  If I get LOADS of request I’ll look into it. But don’t count on there ever being an updated Swedish version of MVGU.

Q: Hey, what’s the target level of the campaign, what are the stretch goals?

The goal was to raise some money to buy artwork.  That goal was reached the first time someone bought the game at DriveThruRPG.

The stretch goals are all identical. “Claudia draws another picture.”

Q: How are we doing?

Four pictures this far. 🙂